Montessori method and special childrens

Dr. Montessori (1870 - 1952) was an italian physician and educator and is recognized for her philosophy and method of education. Her most notable achievement was when she used her method and educational materials which were developed by her after years of scientific observations to work with children with "special needs" who not only in the end passed state examinations but achieved above average scores.

Some talented or gifted children can over or under-attend to certain kinds of sensory information-tactile (touch),olfactory (smell and taste), vestibular (movement), visual and auditory. With Montessori, there are many sensorial material to work with and every material is hands on which helps the child build the concept well. There are materials for practical life exercises, sensorial, mathematics, language and culture development.

Montessori philosophy is practical and teaches the skills children need to be taught. Traditional teaching and learning method and the predictable routine in a Montessori prepared environment provide stability for the child. Presentations are reanalyzed and broken into segments. The beauty of Montessori material allows us to tailor the presentation to feed the way a child receives concept. The hands on activities of Montessori will help children respond well to the multisensory interactive teaching / learning.

The practical life exercises will help them to refine their visual and motoric skills necessary for lifting, folding, rolling and carrying. With the application of Montessori philosophy and the use of Montessori material in a structured learning environment, we can help your child achieve the life you want for him/her.
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